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Keratin Lash Lift

Keratin Lash Lift

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will KERATIN LASH LIFT make my lashes look longer?

A: Yes! It will give the appearance of longer and more beautiful lashes

Q: Will KERATIN LASH LIFT make my eyes appear larger?

A: Yes! It will open your eyes to make them appear healthier, brighter, and more youthful

Q: My lashes are sparse, will KERATIN LASH LIFT make them fuller?

A: Yes! Natural lashes are abundantly volumized for a thicker, fuller lash line

Q: My lashes are barely noticeable, will KERATIN LASH LIFT work for me?

A: Yes! Unnoticeable lashes are perky and noticeable in 20-40 minutes.

Q: Will KERATIN LASH LIFT damage my natural lashes like a lash perm?

A: No! Unlike lash perms that use damaging chemicals and aggressive rods, LASH LIFT is a gentle formula combined with flexible shapers to create the irresistible curves you desire.

Q: How long will my KERATIN LASH LIFT results last?

A: Results last approximately 10-12 weeks, but many LASH LIFT clients visit me every 3-4 weeks to keep their lashes bumped and lifted to their most beautiful best.

Q: Is there any special after-care needed?

A: Yes! You’ll need to avoid commercial eye makeup removers and store-bought mascara. (Rest assured I'll go over what you CAN use during your appointment) You’ll also need to refrain from rubbing or “sweeping” your lashes as much as possible. It’s recommended to avoid excessive heat within 24 hours of receiving KERATIN LASH LIFT

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