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Semi permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup: An overview

Similar to tattooing, permanent makeup is a non-surgical technique in which a tiny quantity (pigment) is placed in the skin and settles under the top layer of the skin. However, unlike a tattoo, the objective is a very suitable enhancement of color that looks similar to professionally applied makeup, with the exception that it will stay on permanently day and night and can last for years. Permanent makeup procedures are made comfortable for the client by applying a topical anesthetic. The recovery time is typically minimal. Permanent makeup is care free, waterproof and will not smudge or run. It can also be referred to as cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation, dermapigmentation and permanent cosmetics.

The medical use of permanent color for camouflaging can be traced back 150 years. Physicians have successfully and safely used tattooing of colors to disguise birthmarks and various kinds of scars.
According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), when permanent makeup is done under proper conditions, there are no opportunities for disease transmission. The work station in which a permanent makeup procedure is being performed should be sterilized after each client and needles disposed of in a biohazardous marked container.

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